On Saturday March 23 the Kind Bean coffee cart opened on a beautiful and glorious day! A day filled with the sweet sounds of the Poudre River, the crisp air of the Rocky Mountains and a bevy of delicious hot, caffeinated and caffeine free drinks from our group of eager and hopeful baristas.

The Poudre Canyon filled with the smells of fine coffee being brewed early that day, and the good folks that stopped by were not disappointed. Many chose to keep it simple with a Kind Bean shot of espresso or a Robust Americano. Others got a little wild with one of our signature Latte’s like the S’mores Latte (Chocolate, marshmallow and….well you get the picture, it’s delicious), the Early Turtle (a creamy caramel and chocolate delight) or the Purple Haze ( this luscious vanilla and lavender treat will make you want to kiss the sky!)

There were also plenty of delicious breakfast items for the hungry Poudre Canyon adventurers. Breakfast burritos provided by the Mishawaka, were a big hit! Many of our items- scones, gluten free bars, cinnamon rolls, a signature slice of pie and more- were provided by Me Oh My Pie in Laporte, who we will be partnering with to bring our Kind Bean customers the best delicious baked goods.

It’s safe to say everyone at the Kind Bean grand opening had a wonderful time. The customers were happy and well caffeinated, the employees were smiling and the coffee was abundant on that gorgeous Poudre Canyon Day.

Written by Gary Duvall