It’s still winter, but Spring is in the air and with the blossoming of a new season Riverside Colorado is also blossoming with renovations and the promise of a magical destination along the Poudre River, the only river in Colorado with the Wild and Scenic designation. Nestled in the tiny community of Poudre Park, Riverside Colorado is starting to show signs of the amazing place it will be once the rejuvenation of the historic location is complete. Cabins are being remodeled and the Poudre Park Market and Kind Bean coffee cart are mere months away from opening for business. It’s an exciting time in the Poudre Canyon. 

Riverside Colorado strives to be a model of sustainability, by incorporating solar power, ecofriendly amenities, xeriscaping, and reduced water consumption. Adding to the sustainability will be cluster camping. Cluster camping will be put in place to minimize the human footprint on nature, protect wildlife habitats, and allow for a more efficient use of resources. “How does this work?”, you may be asking yourself. By clustering campsites in designated areas, the disturbance of surrounding ecosystems is reduced, while still providing an all-encompassing outdoors experience. 

Excited yet? We are too! When our Riverside vision is complete, we will bring to the Poudre Canyon an incredible and sustainable lodging experience like no other in the Poudre Canyon, complete with incredible Rocky Mountain landscapes, lush, indigenous flora, and spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Written by Gary Duvall