If you were driving up the Poudre Canyon Memorial Day weekend you might have noticed some activity outside of Riverside Colorado. Not only was the Kind Bean coffee cart keeping the Poudre Canyon energized, but the Poudre Park Market was open for business! A variety of beer, wine, snacks and essentials filled the shelves. The market also has an array of grab and go items ready for a quick bite to eat on Rocky Mountain adventures. I know we’ve all been camping and forgotten eggs, bread, or worst of all beer or wine! No need to worry anymore about meticulously packing while you’re getting ready for those fun camping excursions, because Poudre Park Market has you covered! If you stop in and we’re missing something, let us know, we are open to suggestions.

What about Riverside Colorado A Canyon Retreat, you may be asking yourself. You’ve probably been thinking for months, I want to take the family, or a group of friends on a Poudre Canyon sublime nature vacation! Not to worry, Riverside Colorado is close to a grand opening. Have you driven by lately? Next time you’re at the Kind Bean or Poudre Park Market, take a look. Tiny homes are in place, cabins are remodeled, and sustainable cluster camping sites are coming together. Slated to open in July, Riverside Colorado is already taking reservations. Head on over to Riverside Colorado website to check out what all the excitement is about and took book lodging. Next time you’re in the canyon, stop in and say hi. The Kind Bean will have a delicious caffeinated beverage for you, and Poudre Park Market will be flush with grab and go sandwiches and snacks, and if you didn’t remember to pack your six pack of cold beer, we’re there for you!

Written by Gary Duvall