Welcome to Riverside Colorado!

Photo by Allyce Carlson @mamamcgeeproductions

Luxurious Accommodations

At Riverside Colorado, choose from a variety of unique accommodations that blend comfort with the allure of the outdoors. Our options range from stylish fully furnished canvas wall tents and cozy tiny homes to comfortable cabins and exclusive VIP quarters in the Lodge. Each setting offers a special way to connect with nature while enjoying the comforts of home.

Food and Drink

On site you can also find the Poudre Park Market General Store. It features prepared foods, take-and-bake options, and some travel essitials. Explore our selection of wine and beer that is perfect for any occasion. Don’t miss our converted AirStream coffee cart, the Kind Bean, offering your morning or afternoon coffee in some beautiful surroundings, available for guests and the public.

Commitment to Sustainability

Riverside Colorado takes pride in its eco-friendly initiatives. We employ solar solutions, have implemented comprehensive fire mitigation plans, and designed communal areas with safety in mind. Our resort is committed to sustainability in luxury, with solar-powered amenities, controlled foot traffic paths, and shuttle services that ensure a minimal environmental impact.

The Mishawaka

Enhance your stay with a visit to our full-service restaurant and concert venue, located 3 miles from our property! With seasonal concerts and a year-round full-service restaurant, The Mish has become a Northern Colorado Staple.

Discover Riverside Colorado, where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony. Book your escape today and redefine your experience of hospitality and comfort.